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XMReality - A Product Overview

XMReality Remote Guidance is an easy to use remote support tool built to help teams solve real-world problems remotely. Our unique solution connects people-to-problems instead of people-to-people.


Why is XMReality Unique?

XMReality Remote Guidance is an easy to use remote support tool built to help teams solve real-world problems remotely. Our unique solution connects people-to-problems instead of people-to-people. XMReality is fundamentally different from most video collaboration tools and allows our solution’s features to solve issues easier with more efficiency. 

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Getting started is Quick & Easy.

We pride ourselves on how simple and easy it is to get up and running with XMReality. Whether you are using the free tier on your own or deploying our Enterprise version across a large organization, our solution is intuitive to use and requires minimal training.

How secure is XMReality?

XMReality Remote Guidance is built from the ground up with security as a top priority leveraging the industry-standard WebRTC technology. Our solution is End-to-End encrypted, offering secure connections to all of your remote guidance sessions. If you want further insights on how our solution will process your data, you can read more in one of our other posts covering data security.

What you need to know about XMReality Remote Guidance and Data Security

Understanding the XMReality tiers.

We offer three tiers of our solution, giving you the flexibility to choose your company's best fit.

For a feature comparison matrix, visit our Pricing page

Connect - Get started for free

The XMReality Connect tier is a free, lightweight version of our software offering simple remote guidance for anyone to use.

Connect is a mobile app only and works using call-links to connect with anyone. Sign up, download our app, then send anyone a link to connect. The person opens a link in any mobile browser to start the remote guidance call.

Connect provides 10 call links per month and it is a great way to test the fundamentals of remote guidance.

Business - For small & large teams

The XMReality Business tier offers robust mobile remote guidance with unlimited usage and team support. Sign up on our website, add team members, and you are ready to deploy remote guidance for your business. Using unique features like interactive pointing, hands-overlay, and more, give you the tools to solve remote problems quickly. The Business tier also includes email support.

Business is mobile app only, but it differs from Connect by offering more than only call links. Business allows app-to-app calling and team support making it easy to connect with your colleagues in the same building or anywhere in the world. When connecting app-to-app, the calls come through like a normal phone call on your device. 

Business is mobile app only, provides unlimited usage, and works with call links & app-to app calling. Business is perfect for small to large companies who need easy and unlimited remote guidance, to connect internal or externally. 

Enterprise - Feature-rich, custom solution

Our Enterprise tier is the most feature-rich and robust offering from XMReality. Working with a dedicated sales member, we can help build the best solution for your business. Our team works with large organizations worldwide and has extensive experience providing the right solution for your needs.

Enterprise offers support for smart glasses, desktop support stations, and available APIs. Enterprise gives you a dedicated account manager and priority support.

Unique features available on Enterprise

Desktop Windows Application - Expand your use-cases with full remote guidance on the desktop that supports our PointPad hands overlay hardware and additional integrations.

Group Calling - Easily connect large groups of people on remote guidance sessions when needed.

Custom Branding - Customize XMRealty to your company's brand. We offer custom call link logos, all the way up to complete white label solutions.

Help Desk Integrations - XMReality integrates with many help desk systems, such as Jira and Zendesk, to seamlessly deploy best-in-class support using remote guidance.

Custom Solutions - Leverage our API’s and available SDK to build your customs requirements on XMReality.

Smart Glasses Support - Smart glasses make it possible for the person who’s being guided to have both hands free – making it both more efficient and in some cases safer.

Dedicated Support - Enterprise offers priority support and a dedicated account manager to help with all of your needs.

What are some key XMReality features?

Designed for easy connections, XMReality enables you to solve problems remotely. Using our core set of features gives you the ability to get back to work as quickly as possible when an issue arises.


Platform Independent - Use any mobile device or computer with XMRealty Remote Guidance.
Drawing & Pointing - These easy to use features quickly enable people to pinpoint exactly where to focus when connected.
Call Links - Quickly connect and start your remote guidance with anyone immediately, no app needed. Just send a Call Link to someone and they can use our Remote Guidance in any browser
Gestures/Hands Overlay - Virtually demonstrate and manipulate items with your hands during sessions. This provides a rich and intuitive experience making tricky situations easy to navigate.
Support for Smart Glasses - Many scenarios require both of your hands to be free to work on issues. We have extensive Smart Glasses support allowing remote guidance in the most challenging situations.

Read about all of our features on the How it Works page.

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