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Create XMReality Call Link in Microsoft Teams

Imagine having a chat conversation over Teams with someone that needs your assistance, and then be able to share a Remote Guidance Call link to initiate a call. XMReality Remote Guidance is now available in Microsoft Teams store and gives you the possibility to share a XMReality Remote Guidance call link via Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) chat. This simplifies the initiation of a remote support call, making it easier than ever before to solve problems remote.


Initiate a remote support call via Teams 

As part of the latest product release, XMReality Remote Guidance will be available in Microsoft Teams. But why is this integration useful for current users?

Why is this useful?

1. One platform
XMReality's integration to Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) allows users to share a Remote Guidance call link via MS Teams chat. By using the Teams-XMReality integration, users can directly share a Remote Guidance Call link via the chat in Teams and do not need to open XMReality separately to share call links. This will reduce the number of clicks and enables XMReality Remote Guidance usage at a larger scale.

2. Solve problems faster with guidance tools
Instead of transferring a Teams Chat into a Teams call, an XMReality call allows you to see exactly what your counterpart see, instead of focusing on each others faces. XMReality also allows you to use guidance features such as pointers, pause and draw, and also use hands overlay gestures.

3. Remote support call through Microsoft Teams with a colleague who does not have XMReality
With XMReality call links, you can invite a colleague that not have an existing XMReality account to join a remote guidance call. Send a call link directly to the colleague that needs assistance, inside Teams using the XMReality integration. When the receiver of the call link simply taps the link, they are immediately taken into the support call. No need for app downloads or user registrations.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Add the XMReality Remote Guidance application in Microsoft Teams Store
Open Microsoft Teams app store and Search for XMReality . Add the XMReality application to your personal Microsoft Teams app.

Note: If you can't find XMReality, your IT administrators will simply have to provide access to add the XMReality application, possibly for all Teams users within your company. 

add app xmr in teasm 2

Step 2: Use XMReality in the MS Teams chat 
You can easily add & pin XMReality's application into the "application bar" if you are using the  MS Teams chat. Find the XMReality application, right click and choose "pin icon". See picture below.

To initiate a call, press the XMReality icon (1) and you'll get the option to Create a call link (2) and Send the Call link to the receiver (3). The counterpart will then receive the call link and use it to initiate a call back to you. 

You (the call link sender) need to be logged in on either Web Guide Station, Windows Client or Mobile application to have the option to send a call link in Teams. If using Web Guide Station, a browser tab needs to be opened.

image (1)

Known limitations:
This feature is enabled on MS Teams Windows application and included for Enterprise accounts. This integration is limited to XMReality Named licenses as Microsoft Teams provide personal licenses only.

Microsoft Teams have restricted the possibility to share message extensions (which XMReality call links sharing is sharing) to external parties. Due to this, XMReality's message extension is a perfect fit for internal support between colleagues.



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